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    An independent learning environment for home owners, building operators and BAS technicians.

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    We aim to create flexible and intuitive learning solutions to meet your learning needs with indoor building automation control.

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Why we do this?

We want to help you or your staff become more proactive with your learning needs.
We want to help you learn the skills you need so you can aspire to greater levels of success with building controls and energy efficiency. By doing so we can help you help yourself and our wonderful planet at the same time.

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What we do?

We provide a range of online training solutions associated with indoor controls from simple housing control to advanced, intelligent HVAC, electrical, mechanical and DDC control systems. The courses are designed to help you learn about building controls and promote best practice, energy efficiency and help us to create a cleaner, safer environment for now and future generations..

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Who we are?

We are a group of professionals associated with energy efficiency and intelligent indoor control solutions with both practical and theoretical knowledge of the industry. Our intentions are to share this information and create an intuitive and simple platform for learning so that more professional can become experts in the field of indoor controls and apply good practices to create energy efficient solutions. .

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